Wooden Hen Houses & Chicken Coops

Sayce’s Garden Services have an extensive range of chicken sheds, hen coops and fowl houses that are low maintenance, secure and long lasting. Our hen houses can be built to your specification. We have a huge standard range from single birds to commercial farms. The poultry houses have excellent ventilation and natural light providing a comfortable home for your hens.

Additional options for your chicken house include layer boxes to ensure ease of access when collecting your eggs, and a wooden perch that helps strengthen your hen’s feet while also keeping the eggs clean. The layer boxes can be positioned on any side of the fowl house.

For those with limited space, an A-Frame Hutch is a viable alternative for keeping your birds secure. These smaller structures can be moved around if required.

All our hen houses are made with strong welded mesh (12.5 x 12.5 x 1.3mm), with an option to upgrade to heavy mesh for extra security and protection. From a large farm to a small urban garden, our hen  houses can be custom designed to suit any budget.

All the hen houses are supplied as pre-assembled panels that are easy to install. Alternatively, if you do require help with installation then we do offer this service.