Wooden Dog Pens, Runs & Kennels

Sayce’s Garden Services offers a wide range of wooden dog kennels to suit any breed, shape or size. Our selection of dog kennels provide a secure home while catering to your canine’s natural instinct and behavior. A long time is spent in the kennel, so lets make it comfortable.

All our kennels are strong and long lasting, and are designed to withstand any weather conditions. With an extensive range of sizes, colours, materials and styles, you’re guaranteed to find right dog kennel that will accommodate your breed’s specific needs.

We offer a range options for wooden dog kennels We also have dog runs, dangerous dog kennels, and catteries. The building concepts can be used to house cats,  chickens and ducks. The kennels are low maintenance and easy to clean.

Keep your dogs comfortable and safe in the outdoors. kennels provide shelter from the elements so your dogs can enjoy some rest and relaxation outdoors. Our single and double pens give your dogs both a dedicated, fenced off area where they can play while remaining safely penned in and a shed for shelter. Wire panels (partitions) are available at additional cost to customise the play area.

All our kennels come in pre-assembled panels, making it easy to transport and then build on site. If you do require help with installation then we do offer this service.